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About Borderline

Borderline Shibari was created with the intention of sharing and nurturing this ambiguous culture, but also to provide high quality educational content that is more approachable for all those who want to learn giving the full range of what Shibari has to offer.


Looking around me I realised that although there is so much beauty in Shibari, it is still so hard for many to access this. Many platforms are still outdated in their presentation of gender roles and sexuality or feel too exclusive. I believe that there are many ways that Shibari can be practiced that can suit your own beliefs and intentions. It can be erotic, it can be aesthetic, it can be emotionally intense, but ultimately rope is just a way for us to explore each other.

About hua hua

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hua hua (she/her) is a Shibari artist and founder of Borderline Shibari. She began the first public Shibari classes in Shanghai in 2017 and spent many years working to encourage a healthier approach to Kink in China. She is currently based in Amsterdam where she is continuing to teach and produce events, as well as expanding Borderline online to provide accessibility to Shibari education worldwide.


She believes that rope bondage is a practice of mindfulness and authentic communication. To her, ropes are like a bridge: creating connection between people and cultures. She is passionate about exploring how Shibari can be expressed through different mediums, particularly through film, performance and instillations. 


hua hua is currently on a journey of making Shibari and Kink content visible on public platforms without being demonetised or censored.


Her teaching style is more holistic than systematic, focusing on intentionality and a slow mindful pacing. She does not teach in one particular style, but rather on adapting the tie to meet the needs of everyone involved.


To learn with her online and watch her Shibari films check out Borderline Shibari on Patreon!

About Shibari

Shibari is the term generally used to define Japanese rope bondage. Although it is partially inspired by western bondage, Shibari is more centred around the communication between partners and creating an entire process, where ropes are the main player of the scene and not just a tool. Shibari draws from many different elements of Japanese culture, in particularly the ancient martial art form Hojojutsu, however its roots are in erotic artwork. Although it began as largely an erotic practice, Shibari has in the last 100 years developed rapidly into its own expansive culture with many different approaches such as being used as a healing modality or as an artistic expression. 


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