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Private classes

My Shibari teaching is centered around communicating clear intentions and creating an individualised experience for each student. For this reason, my classes are heavily discussion based. Each class will begin with tea and introductions, and each exercise will be followed by a brief feedback session.

I believe it is important to take it slow when it comes to learning a craft, such as Shibari, and also giving us room to get to know each other better, so that I can understand how you learn best and what style of Shibari suits your practice. My aim is to give you the tools to practicing deeply rather than widely.


Can i also experience being tied in class?

Switching roles is allowed in classes, in fact I encourage newcomers to experience both sides of the rope. There will also be education directed at the bottom/ model, however if you would like a lesson with only bottoming content, this is only available as a 2 hour class.

Where will the classes be held?

Private classes will be held in my home studio near Gaasperplas Park (Amsterdam south east). Small group classes can also be held in a rented venue, please contact me for details and I will share options depending on your budget or preferences about the atmosphere.

What will be provided?

Each of my classes will have space for discussion, theory and practical exercises. Tea and snacks will be provided, if you are to book a full day with me then dinner will also be provided. Please share with me if you have any dietary requirements ahead of time so that we can plan your meal accordingly. In some classes I will also supplement the class with Shibari videos, books and video tutorials.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Private classes will need to be booked as a couple, unless you are a bottom seeking bottoming education. I highly suggest you bring a partner who you are familiar with

or have experience tying together. If you would like to hire one of my lesson models please contact me at least 1 week in advance, however please understand that there might not always be someone available.

The fee for hiring a lesson model is 30 euros per hour.

Do i need to bring rope?

Students should bring their own rope as I would like to see the material that they are used to working with. Ropes will also be available to borrow at the studio.

What can i wear in the class?

Please come comfortably dressed, the model may choose to bring whatever clothes that they enjoy being tied in. I recommend wearing clothes that make the lines of the body easily visible, please avoid hard materials such as latex, metal buckles and hard denim as it will restrict movement.

Price list

one couple/one student

2 hours - 150 euros

Only available to complete beginners.

3 hours - 260 euros

5 hours - 400 euros

Ideal for most levels. Not recommended if interested in learning multiple suspensions.

Ideal for experienced shibari practitioners who want to dive deep into a particular subject or learn multiple positions.

Full Day Package - 500 euros

(approx. 7 hours inc. dinner)

Ideal for experienced practitioners, especially those who are looking for intensive discussion that extends beyond Shibari culture.

Small groups 4-8  people

3 hours - 1200 euros in total*

4 hours - 1600 euros in total*

*This is subject to change depending on the cost of the studio hire

Teaching outside of Amsterdam

90 euros/hour excluding cost of studio hire

*This is not including classes based in London, please contact me for my London rates.


All private classes need to be booked ahead of time, minimum of 2 days ahead of the class date.

A small deposit must be paid at least 2 days ahead of the class date to secure your appointment time.

Small group classes need to be paid in full to confirm the appointment, payment can be made by bank transfer.

booking deposit:

50 euros for a 2/3 hour class
100 euros for a 5hour/full day class

Booking information


If you need to cancel or reschedule the class please inform me minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled time, otherwise your booking deposit will not be refunded.

If a Small Group Class is cancelled within 24 hours the lesson fee will not be refunded.

I will make exceptions only if it is an emergency, in which case please contact me via telegram @borderlinehua for faster communication!

All bookings and inquiries can be conducted by email:

Thank you!

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