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In a private session I help people explore being tied in a discreet and personalised experience. With private sessions my intention is to provide a safe space for you to experience the beauty, comfort or even the challenge of rope, whether that is for eros, for self-discovery or simply out of curiosity. If you're interested in booking a session with me, please first read the information below. 



How long is a session?

The tie will be finished within 1 hour, but I always try to make time before and after to chat so that you can have as comfortable an experience as possible. My suggestion is to leave a 2 hour window for the session in case you need more time to decompress after the tie. 

What can I wear?

I recommend wearing whatever feels comfortable for you to move around in easily, preferably without sharp buttons, underwire or stiff material such as denim jeans. You are welcome to take the session in fetish clothes or underwear if you wish, however I do not accept fully nude (without pants) for hygiene reasons.

What to expect?

You are welcome to share with me anything that you are interested in trying, for example a particular position or emotional intention for the session, I will try my best to accommodate. Generally, for Shibari sessions the focus is on rope, however  I can include related tools such as impact play tools, a gag, clips or wax upon request. Please not that these materials will not be prioritised in the session, the focus is on the ropes, bodies and our communication.

What should I prepare?

It is important that you share with me any injuries or health conditions prior to the session that you think could add greater risk of injury or trauma. You can feel free to share any boundaries, or sensitivities as you like, the more I can know about you the easier it will be to give you the best experience possible. To book a session please fill in the form below.

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