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a seminar dedicated to rope modelling

About Us

Rope models (often called bunnies or bottoms) are half the team when it comes to Shibari, however our perspective is often overlooked when it comes to Shibari education. This event is for the Shibari models in our community to feel empowered, aware and equipped with the right knowledge to be able to go out and enjoy Shibari consensually and confidently.

There is so much more to being a rope bottom than being tied. It takes a lot of energy, presence and awareness to go through this experience, even if you are not conscious of how much work you are putting in.


It is important for us to remember that the success and responsibility of a good tie is shared between the model and the rigger! We created this seminar series as a space to speak up, give advice and listen to everyone's individual experiences.


but most of all, we want you to know...
We see you, we hear you

What to expect

These seminars are held as a safe, non-judgemental, space for bottoms to share their own stories, questions or concerns. Through coming together we can begin to find a sense of solidarity and trust in our community. Each seminar will be run with a guest host, so that participants can gain a more developed understanding through hearing different approaches to rope bottoming.

This seminar will be with guest host Miss Bop, who has extensive knowledge in the topics of hyper-mobility and Semenawa.

In each seminar we will discuss a range of topics such as:

risk awareness

communication and consent

body awareness



intention for being tied 

expressing desires

mental and physical preparation

accessibility and adaptations


fear and trauma


What will happen in this seminar?

We will open the seminar with introductions and group agreements. Participants may introduce themselves and remain anonymous if they choose.


After the introduction there will be a short interview held by hua hua, where she will ask Miss Bop about her rope bottoming story. Following the interview, Miss Bop will answer questions about her experience with hypermobility.

There will be a short break midway through and afterwards space will be made for sharing stories, questions and advice in any topic related to being tied. Questions can be for the presenters and also the participants . Anyone who would like to join the discussion can prepare any questions or topics of their own to share.

 We highly encourage note taking and journaling so that you can have the opportunity to reflect upon the discussion in your own way and time.

Who is this for?

This seminar is open to all levels of experience. Absolute beginners and riggers/tops are also welcome. 

No experience is necessary, however an interest in rope bottoming is essential. If you are a rigger or switch please try to keep questions directed towards understanding the model's perspective, not about how to tie (there are plenty of events covering that already!)

Please respect that this is an open discussion and that many people might have opinions different to your own.

Event Information

Date and Time

April 2nd


(central european time)


On Zoom

link will be sent following ticket purchase




The recording will be available for 14 days 



no translation

Who will be facilitating?

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